1U 21" Blank Filler Panel (Suit 21" ETSI Rack)

1U 21" Blank Filler Panel (Suit 21" ETSI Rack)

MACARAC 19" Inch Sheetmetal

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Type: 1U 21" Rack Mount Black Blanking Plate

Dimensions: 10mm (D), 44mm (H), 21" (W)
Warranty: 12 Month
Brand: Macarac

Color :  Powder Coated Black

1U/1RU Blank Panel
This is a 1U/1RU blank panel designed for use with 21" racking systems. 

Panel Suitable For:
An ideal starting point for a custom switch panel or control panel, or even just for filling a blank space in your rack to keep your equipment securely enclosed. We also stock this panel in a "vented" version, which allows for better ventilation.

19" Racking Systems
This blank rack panel is part of our 21 inch racking system range designed for servers, network gear, communications equipment and audio systems. This range of hardware is durable, strong and secure.

Panel Suitable For:
- All Racks Pro audio
- DVRs and security equipment
- Patch panels, switches and rack mount equipment
- Telephone systems
- Networking and communications equipment



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