4U 19" Rackmount Recessed Solid Panel (19" Inch Rack Mount Application)

MACARAC 19" Inch Sheetmetal

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  • 4U rackmount adjustable solid panel made from·         Sides – 1.2mm Steel·        
  • Powder coated Black finish
  • Centre Panel – 1.6mm Aluminium
  • Supports front, canter and rear mounting position.
  • Ideal for custom mount power supply, PLC computer, Control module and DIN rail.
  • Compatible with standard 2 post and 4 post 19" Free standing or wall mount cabinets
  • Made in Australia

    4URPBLK Solid and Vented Panel are design for industrial control panel in a standard 19” rack. 4URPAD solid panel is ideal for mounting power circuits and/or control circuits in a telecom rack. By building your industrial control panel in a standard rack you can lower your production cost and shorten your production lead time.
    What makes 4URPBLK panel different?
    The most difficult part of custom mounting your equipment in an enclosure is making precision mounting holes. Unless you have a large CNC machine at your disposal, you will have to drill mounting holes manually with a hand held power drill. It is a time consuming and error-prone process. With 4URPAD solid panel, you can reduce your drilling time and mistakes. 4URPBLK solid panel is small enough to fit on any drill press table. You can make any holes or tape screw thread with eases. Even if you made a mistake, you can get a new panel instead of a complete new enclosure. This method is fast and efficient for small quantity production run.
    What can you do with Macarac series solid panel? 
    4URPAD sold panels can be secure in three different depth positions. (Front, Center and Rear) You can use it as a base panel for your power supply circuit, control circuit, and wire management at rear position. You can also use it as a front panel with custom cut holes for on/off switches, LED display screen, LED indicate lights, control knobs, or push buttons, access ports and other instruments. In addition, you can have two panels installed in parallel configuration. The possibilities are endless.

    ·         Sides – 1.2mm Steel

    ·         Centre Panel – 1.6mm Aluminium

    ·         Powder coated Matt Black finish

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