Amdex LAN Tester For RJ45 UTP or STP Cable


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Amdex branded LAN tester for RJ45 UTP or STP cable. Two piece design, with a maximum testing length up to 300m. Master unit provides patch cord function test. Warning: Do Not Use on Live Circuit

Electrical Specifications: 
Insulation Resistance : 500M ohms (min.) 
Contact Resistance: 20m ohms (max.) 
Current Rating : 1.5 Amps . 
DC Resistance: 0.1 ohm (max.) 
Withstanding Voltage : 1000 VAC RMS@ 60Hz / 1 min. 
Mechanical Specifications: 
RJ-45 Jack Insertion Cycle : Over 2000 Cycles (min.) 
Operation Temperature : -40 - +70 degree t c

Dimensions: 63mm x24.3mm x 32mm

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