20Ru Skeleton Rack CFR1620 SANUS Flat Pack Incl 1 X 1U and 1 X 2U Shelf Rack Size: 20Ru, Includes: 1 X 1U and 1 X 2U Shelf


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Brand: SANUS


  • Rack size: 20RU
  • Includes: 1 x 1U and 1 x 2U shelf
  • Easy to install with all hardware supplied
  • Mount direct to wall
  • Multiple height combinations

Publisher: Sanus

Details: Flat Pack 20Ru Skeleton Rack Incl 1 X 1U And 1 X 2U Shelf - Introducing Stackable Skeleton Racks from SANUS. - This self-aligning structure requires only four bolts andcan be assembled withoutspecial tools in less than 10 minutes. - Stackable Racks are the best way to increase efficiency to your system. - Optional plastic feet are included for easy sliding and can support up to 600 lbs of gear. - Plus, choose from a caster kit for added versatility or swivel kit for increased accessibility - SANUS Component Series CFR1620 AV rack can support up to 600 lbs of AV gear on the floor and up to 200 lbs when mounted on the wall. - Its modular, stackable structure can be coupled into fivedifferent height combinations - 40U, 35U, 30U, 20U and 15U. - Join two CFR1620's for a 40U, or couple with a CFR1615 for a 35U - The rack and all of its components ship in one UPS box. - The CFR1620 is a self-aligning rack and can be assembled in just 15 minutes. - Does not reuire seperate fiddly capture nuts as frame is pre threaded - Compatible with the SANUS EcoSystem™. Key Features: * Easy to install * Hardware included * Mount directly to the wall * Multiple different height combinations available * SANUS EcoSystem™-compatible * Capture nuts not required Installation Tools * 7/32" Drill Bit * 3/8" Masonry Bit (Concrete Installations) * 7/16" Socket Wrench * 1/2" Socket Wrench * Awl * Electric Drill * Hammer * Level * Pencil * Phillips Head Screwdriver * Stud Finder * Tape Measure Product Specifications * Product Brand: SANUS * Model Code: CFR1620 * UPC Code: 793795525505 - * Product Height: 88.9cm * Product Width: 51.79cm * Product Depth: 50.80cm * Package Width: 31.10" / 78.99cm *

UPC: 793795525505

EAN: 793795525505

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