Jackson 6-Way Power Board 4 USB Charging Ports 1m 240VAc 10A Black

Jackson industries

  • $49.90

This Jackson Powerboard has 6 outlets and 4 USB charging ports for connecting and powering your devices. Each outlet has an individual switch for choosing which device is powered at any time.

There are 6 outlets for powering up to 6 devices. 
The additional USB ports can be used to charge up to 4 devices. 
It has a 90 cm power lead and the power plug is right-angled to save on space. 
It has a black design to blend in with existing entertainment systems. 
It comes with a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind.

Code PT1816USB3A
Description Power Board 6-Way +USB 3.4A
Power 10A (max)
Length 1M
Rating 240VAC 10A
Current 3.4A (Total)
Amps 3.4A (Total)
USB Outlet 3.4A max
USB 4x
Type 6 Way
Types 6 Way
Outlet 6x AC, 4x USB
Colour Black

12 Months

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