Rackstuds Red 20 Pack


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A clever alternative to conventional server rack nuts. Rackstuds™ is designed to fit the standard EIA square punch vertical rails with 9.5mm (3/8”) holes. Rackstuds™ is made from a non-conductive fibre reinforced thermoplastic so it won't conduct any electrical and save for your networking, musical gear or rack mounted equipment.

The New Rackstuds™ Nuts were designed with a 10mm hex profile. Some of the features are: no more stripping screwdriver slot, more threads without making the nut longer meaning enhanced security for same size nuts, and the new Nuts can be interchanged anytime at will with the old one.

Rackstuds™ is easy to install, it goes in from the front to simplify installations, no tools needed and won't cut your finger.

◾Tool-free installation.
◾Holds goods in place while you install.
◾Fit to square punched hole from 9.3mm to 9.8mm
◾Supports rail thickness up to 2.2mm, maximum 4mm face plate thickness.
◾Universally interchangeable with cage nut screws.
◾Install easily, easy on the fingertips.

◾Material: High-grade polymer construction.
◾Colour: Red, black, yellow.
◾Push in Strength: 46kg
◾Pull out Strength: 92kg
◾Shear Strength: 156kg
◾Rated Shear Strength: 20kg

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