SANUS EcoSystem 1U Ultra Quiet Fan Panel

SANUS EcoSystem 1U Ultra Quiet Fan Panel


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CAFC01 - 1U Ultra Quiet Fan SANUS EcoSystem? Accessory

SANUS Component Series CAFC01 1U ultra quiet fan easily connects to the CAPT01 MultiVolt Power Supply to helpcreate the SANUS EcoSystem? - a fully customizable accessorythat serves as the single power source for all low-voltage equipment in an AV rack.

This component is automatically activated by the thermostat kit (included with the MultiVolt Power Supply) when the interior of a rack exceeds a specified temperature,plus Power Wire.



Product Brand: SANUS
  • Model Code:
  • UPC Code:
793795524157 - Black -
  • Product Width:
19.00" / 48.26cm
  • Package Width:
20.08" / 51.00cm
  • Package Height:
2.17" / 5.51cm
  • Package Depth:
1.42" / 3.61cm

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