Upsonic Power 2.0Kva Rack/Tower Ups Line Interactive Avr 19In Rack 2Ru


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  • Pure sine wave
  • Output on Battery
  • Intelligent Charging controlled
  • 98% Efficiency in ECO Mode
  • Range 1.0KVA - 7.5KVA
  • Intelligent interactive LCD control panel
  • Multiple interfaces options: RS232/RS485/MODBUS/USB/SNMP
  • Compact design
    Standard and long backup time
  • Cold start
    Starts on battery, no mains power required
  • Protection against overload, overheating, surges, spikes, short circuit, over charging
  • Ability to Integrate with Genset
  • Easy battery replacement

Due to rising electricity costs, Energy Saving has become one of today's most important issues. It is a trend to operate ECO - Economical mode on big capacity on-line double conversion UPS. This seems to virtually turn UPS back to Stand by (0ff-line) era.

Our new ES pure sine wave line-interactive UPS are based on Energy Saving technology. In addition to providing high quality Sine Wave power and low Harmonic Distortion to support both Linear and Non-linear loads the ES series has a built in wide range AVR (automatic voltage regulator) on Bypass circuit which stabilises power and makes the ES series operate even more effectively and safely than an On-line double conversion UPS operated under ECO mode.

ES pure sine wave line-interactive UPS
On-line double conversion UPS operated under ECO mode

  • Wider input range: More than 10% wider input main power voltage range than an on-line UPS.
  • High overall efficiency: Consumes much less power than an on-line double conversion UPS during bypass mode operation.
  • Better stability: Concise designed compact unit gives better stability.
  • Economically smaller: Smaller footprint. Less expense for users.

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